Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dominique Young unique

Monday, 21 June 2010

uffie - ADD featuring Pharell

Thursday, 10 June 2010

W  i  l  d  b  e  a  s  t  s 
Two dancers
Live recording

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Because we all love a bit of Erykah... 

Cos the woman gets her booty out on the street... 'groupthink' comes bleeding out of her head.

...and cos she samples junior M.A.F.I.A on the get munny track.

Nuff said.

Her album needs to be listened to - for those of you on britsh soil - that can be done here

For those of you not, and have not gone through this latest baduism of fire - here is one of my favorite tracks on the album

MM x 


You should probably glue everything on the surface of your desk down - the baseline is really ummm messy?

You should probably lock yourself in a room, where no one can see your bad dancing... or leave it open and have others dance with you... 

Point is, you will be dancing.

Dance fool.

MM x
jamie from the xx made this mixtape for that shop collette in paris i like it a lot so you should probably listen to it (p.s you should click me because I'm a link).
The Black Keys

two guys whose music makes me want to bad things in the best possible kind of way...

The Black Keys are a blues-rock music duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney.

Words cannot describe what I felt when I first heard these guys just over a week ago.  I would say something like 'eargasm' but then that would be generic, a bit tacky and sort of crude. I mean sex in the ear is where I draw the line.

Sounds like: Deep south, Lousiana type of rock and roll. Bluesy, timeless classic riffs, heavy bass against Dan Auerbach's smooth musings (he's a smoker I can tell *drools*  I'm in love.).

Sounds like authentic music...

....Which makes me authentically want to writhe around on top of an automobile outside a gas-station wearing nothing but denim hotpants while smoking a marlboro light. 

This song in particular - and I think the title is quite fitting - makes me want to do those things.

The new album is 'Brothers', buy it people.

FYI, they are touring people.  You heard me.

MM x